Destroy: Assassination by hacking an automobile – Richard Clarke suggests its been done.

Ok, so where to begin?

Look we all know that hacking is serious now. Control systems hacks are the in thing at the moment, and what is cooler than hacking a 2000 pound mountain of steel and plastic that can barrel down the road at 100 miles per hour? They did it in SnowCrash, and Shadowrun, after all. The singularity must be nigh, right?

This article in the Daily Record suggests that the death of the journalist who exposed General McChrystal was engineered, per Richard Clarke. Now, I’m not generally the kind of guy who believes in ghost stories. Spooks in the wire are the kind of scary tales that con-goers hear each time they show up at B-Sides, heck, I use those kinds of stories to my advantage all of the time. I imagine it could happen, I know its possible. We saw Charlie Miller’s laptop demo on the Prius last year. So we all know its possible. But the idea that its being done actively feels like security theater. It feels like:

We’re going to take out journalists boys… Lets use an enormously advanced hack that will leave a lot more evidence and exposure to scrutiny, instead of simply screwing with his brakes, it will be good practice.

So, this is the ultimate Destroy attack. Assassination by computer. At least according to supposition from a former White House advisor. What do you think? Is this the next step in the “cyber-arms race?” Or, is it just speculation to sell newspapers?

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