Military Budget limits cyber weapons proliferation, except in legitimate BUSINESS SELF-DEFENSE

The Verge reports that the Defense spending bill signed by President Obama back in December, offers funds to help reduce the sale and spread of exploits. The article then uses the term legitimate self-defense, as a valid reason to allow these exploits to continue to be traded. Is this something specific to DIB companies? Is there counter attack from small companies in the future? Can I hire licensed, armed cybersecurity guards, yet?

The $552 billion 2014 military defense budget signed by President Barack Obama will continue to fund high-tech cyber and unmanned aircraft operations. The budget, which grants central Cyber Command $68 million in operational costs alongside more money for research and individual unit operations, instructs agencies to work towards controlling the proliferation of “cyber weapons.” That means stopping the sale or spread of malicious code for “criminal, terrorist, or military activities” while allowing governments and businesses to use it for “legitimate” self-defense.

The Verge – US military sees more drones, ‘cyber weapon’ non-proliferation in the future

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