Claims that cyberspace is now cyberbattlefield

From the article:

Security expert Bruce Schneier is one of the most authoritative experts who revealed that the NSA has a wide-ranging arsenal of zero-day exploits to use for cyber operations. The revelation isn’t surprising, the security community is aware of the great effort spent by governments on cyber operations. Many intelligence agencies have created dedicated internal units, specialized in hacking for sabotage and cyber espionage. Almost every government is improving its cyber capabilities, in many cases they’re working in the development of cyber weapons.

The article goes on to describe two alleged NSA tools, one using RF to communicate. So, my question is:

Does a government data collection / espionage activity, even one that that has the ability to become malicious, rise to the level of warfare? Espionage is not war. Thats why the US sent a Russian supermodel packing a few years ago, rather than fire missiles on Moscow, back before Anna Chapman appeared in Playboy, or proclaimed her love for Snowden.

Lets be clear, espionage is not war.

But maybe its preparation for it. Right, China, Russia, Israel, DPRK, UK, FRG, Australia, Brazil?

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