Indian Firm Hacks Back…in 2007!

An interesting use of force, compromising the attacker’s machine, but for the purposes of tracking instead of outright disruption/destruction.

“In 2007, the IT team of a Chennai-based drug maker detected heavy traffic on servers connected to its research lab. The company was developing an anti-asthma molecule, and it suspected that a hacker was stealing the research data.

Unable to trace the hacker, the company approached Mahindra Special Services Group MSSG, a security consulting firm, part of the Mahindra & Mahindra group. MSSG experts placed a dummy file containing a virus on the company’s R&D folder that appeared to contain research data, says Dinesh Pillai, MSSG’s CEO.

“When the hacker returned, he went straight for the dummy file and we traced him using the virus,” he says. The hacker turned out to be a 29-year-old Chandigarh resident who was hired by a rival drug maker. Experts say India remains highly vulnerable to cyber attacks on its critical infrastructure. “I do not even know the command and control system for dealing with cyber attacks in the country,” says Pillai.”

via Can cyber attacks on India’s critical infrastructure be thwarted? – Business Today.

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