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No argument. Its probably a bad idea to hackback, unless you are reasonably certain that:

a) you are the toughest kid on the playground; or
B) you have nothing left to lose, because it is a matter of life or death.

Much like in the real-world. Which begs the question:

Why are we still stuck in the 90’s mentality that what happens on the Internet is not IRL?

  • Kids are committing suicide over cyber-bullying.
  • Businesses go bankrupt because of cybercrime.
  • Your company is probably paying Millions to protect itself from network crime, terror, hacktivists and state sponsored espionage. Probably way more than it pays for physical security.

Can we agree that this is a real problem, not an imaginary one, where a cyber bully flicks your cyber ear, and you cyber respond with a cyber insult? Instead a real person did something really bad to you using the dangerous weapon attached to his keyboard, and you have to demonstrate an immediate ability to protect yourself, or the bad guy will do it again. This is real life, and there are real losses, do you hire armed, or unarmed cybersecurity guards to mitigate your risk?

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Security Manager’s Journal: Did DLP tool prevent an assault? – Computerworld http://orlandodoctrine.com/?p=220 http://orlandodoctrine.com/?p=220#comments Tue, 12 Feb 2013 20:35:56 +0000 http://orlandodoctrine.com/?p=220 Security Manager’s Journal: Did DLP tool prevent an assault? – Computerworld.

The article discusses how a company practically uses DLP solutions to reduce the risk associated with traditional computer crimes.  The interesting item here is the statement that likens the company’s limitation on privacy to the plain view doctrine in law enforcement.

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Skeuomorphic Analogues http://orlandodoctrine.com/?p=108 http://orlandodoctrine.com/?p=108#comments Sat, 05 Jan 2013 12:54:54 +0000 http://orlandodoctrine.com/?p=108 Apple is designing Skeuomorphic applications to help people more intuitively grasp their operating environment.

“Skeuomorphism, as it applies to computer software, is the use of ornamental design elements that represent familiar objects in the digital realm. The technique was first implemented by software designers to help ease users into the unfamiliar world of computing. For example, digital folders are represented by folder icons and contacts lists can be displayed in a virtual agenda.”

The Orlando Doctrine is using similar skeuomorphism, in designing the analogues between physical and information security, we are attempting to develop constructs that will better help our readers to understand the rational arguments both for and against the use of force in network applications. In some cases, while the logical and physical world are not directly applicable to one another, the analogy is such that a parallel can be drawn that is accessible to both technical and lay persons. In short, we are trying to equate the physical world with its digital analogue. While argument by analogy is suspect, it seems reasonable to assume that we may be able to glean some truths that will not solve the problem, but help us to frame issues, and work collaboratively with you to better refine these arguments, logically, soundly, and competently.

Please consider this an open forum for debate. We will constantly strive to incorporate your opinions into the body of knowledge on the subject as we progress.

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