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China’s strategy: infowar, poliwar, lawfare

Deceive spectrum activity at its finest. It doesn’t have to be all political, after all. So China makes dubious legal claims, convinces people that they are real by creating media illusion, and creating political discontent. This is not new, but apparently the west never gave it any great strategic thought… Bet we haven’t given any […]

When guns are outlawed…

…then only outlaws will have guns. Or so goes the old saying. The Senate Armed Services Committee wants to get control of those pesky cyber weapons that are available for purchase by just about anyone by establishing an arms control regime along the lines of what’s done for missiles, tanks, and fighter jets. via The […]

Are Banks Buying Cyber Weapons?

Caught a little of All Things Considered on NPR last night while I was driving and almost had to pull over immediately when I heard Tom Gjelten and Mellissa Block‘s piece titled “Iranian Government May Be Behind Recent Cyber Attacks“. It’s very hard to defend against this type of attacks. There are some cyber-security firms […]

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