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Malware Attribution is a Waste of Time

According to Ellyne Phneah‘s piece at ZDNet, Rob Rachwald, senior director of research at FireEye observed that the security industry today is keen on attributing malware to a specific region or group in an effort to assign blame. [H]e pointed out attribution to malware was not key in combating cybercrime because it did little to […]

When guns are outlawed…

…then only outlaws will have guns. Or so goes the old saying. The Senate Armed Services Committee wants to get control of those pesky cyber weapons that are available for purchase by just about anyone by establishing an arms control regime along the lines of what’s done for missiles, tanks, and fighter jets. via The […]

Network Use of Force: Disrupt

Woman:  This call is now being recorded. Brandon Dunlap:  Good morning, Mr. Wilcox. Spencer Wilcox:  Hey, how are you, Brandon? Brandon:  I’m just about halfway through my first cup of coffee so forgive me if I’m a little slow with you this morning. Spencer:  That’s all right. Brandon:   Well, do you still have time […]

Obama Administration Discusses Cyber Attack Capabilities

Emphasis added “New policies will also govern how the intelligence agencies can carry out searches of faraway computer networks for signs of potential attacks on the United States and, if the president approves, attack adversaries by injecting them with destructive code — even if there is no declared war.” via Broad Powers Seen for Obama […]

Indian Firm Hacks Back…in 2007!

An interesting use of force, compromising the attacker’s machine, but for the purposes of tracking instead of outright disruption/destruction. “In 2007, the IT team of a Chennai-based drug maker detected heavy traffic on servers connected to its research lab. The company was developing an anti-asthma molecule, and it suspected that a hacker was stealing the […]

Cyber Assault is NOT Cyber War

Woman:  This call is now being recorded. Brandon Dunlap:  Did you get a notification? Spencer Wilcox:  Yeah, that this call is now being recorded. I consent. Brandon:  Perfect. Spencer:  OK. Brandon:  Wonderful. Well, you’d have to consent, because now there’s a log of you actually accepting the call after hearing that it is being recorded […]

DDoS Attacks As Legitimate Protest?

The hacktivist group Anonymous, or someone claiming to be associated with them named Dylan K., has taken the unusual step of petitioning the Obama Administration to make Distributed Denial of Service Attacks DDoS legal. via “Anonymous” petitions Obama to decriminalize DDos attacks: Voice of Russia.

Is Mobile the Next Frontier in Network Weaponization?

While it would take thousands of smartphones to equal the attack volume of compromised servers used in the latest bank attacks, such large-scale DDoS are not in the majority… With mobile devices, the attack could theoretically come from thousands of compromised devices in the same region or country as a bank’s customers, making it difficult […]

Are Banks Buying Cyber Weapons?

Caught a little of All Things Considered on NPR last night while I was driving and almost had to pull over immediately when I heard Tom Gjelten and Mellissa Block‘s piece titled “Iranian Government May Be Behind Recent Cyber Attacks“. It’s very hard to defend against this type of attacks. There are some cyber-security firms […]

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